Bengkel yang dianjurkan oleh PPD RAUB dengan Kerjasama Panitia BAHASA Inggeris Daerah Raub, di SMK Gali dari 8.00 a.m - 2.00 p.m.

Disertai oleh  12 orang Pelajar Tingkatan 5 dan 8 orang Pelajar Tingkatan 4.

2 thoughts on “READ LIKE A DETECTIVE”

  1. Congratulations to our awesome form 5 & 4 students for their excellent, outstanding and endless commitment throughout their active involvement during the workshop activities.
    Hopefully they gain new knowledge and valuable experience to share with their friends in SEMESTA.

  2. Thanks Tn. Haji Muhd. Imran for joining me in the workshop. Back to school again…as an older student. Thanks to our PIBG SEMESTA for their financial support to the students participation. Really help them. Thanks PIBG.

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